Facebook Advertising Management and Strategy

The Power of Facebook Advertising

Each month, over 1 billion people sign on to Facebook, and 680 million access it via mobile devices. In addition to allowing brands to access such a large and diverse audience, Facebook advertising provides an array of targeting options to ensure you’re speaking to the right people. With Facebook advertising, you’re able to:

  1. Reach people on one of the social media platforms they frequent most
  2. Target people based on qualified interest, behavior, and demographics
  3. Help people discover new brands or products that match their interests
  4. Leverage social influence from friends to attract people to your brand or products

Why Room 214?

Room 214 takes a strategic approach to digital advertising. Through in-depth keyword and audience research, detailed budget management and frequent optimization, we consistently earn high returns and maintain low costs. With in-house experts devoted to pay-per-click, social, and mobile advertising, we leverage our collective knowledge to run effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

  • Facebook advertising account creation OR audit (if account already exists)
  • Keyword and audience targeting research
  • Development of advertising strategy
  • Testing and optimization of advertising campaigns
  • Improvement of cost per click, number of impressions and conversion rate
  • Community growth and increase of engagement and interactions
  • In-depth reporting and analysis of campaigns
  • Regular updates about new ad formats and features
  • Experience and knowledge of diverse industries

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